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West Broadway Directory

Vancouver Shopping, Night Clubs, Restaurants on West Broadway, Hotels, Real Estate, Attractions, Adult Services and more.

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Fairview Pub
898 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1J8

Cold Beer and Wine Store
888 West Broadway Vancouver
604 708 BEER
604 708 2337
Just 50 feet down from the pub

Justin Leigh - Sutton West Coast Realty - Vancouver Realtor
310 - 1508 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1W8
Fax: 604-738-1888

Put my experience and extensive knowledge of the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market to work for you!
Vancouver, British Columbia

Physiotherapy Clinics and Physiotherapists in Downtown Vancouver.

Red Tree Wellness - Acupuncture Vancouver Red Tree Wellness
903 - 750 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1H8

Red Tree Wellness is a natural health practice that uses the holistic and time-tested approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to help you feel healthier, happier, and improve your quality of life. We are centrally located in Vancouver in the Fairmont Medical Building, on West Broadway Avenue, 2 blocks west of the Broadway-City Hall Canada line station. Our registered professionals will help you relieve pain, balance your body systems, strengthen your immunity and regain harmony in your health in a natural and drugless way. Our approach also uses a fusion of medical models and adjunct therapies that compliment the TCM approach. Book appointments online 24/7 at

A Higher Place Life Enrichment - Clinical Hypnotherapy
1101 - 750 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1J1

Enrich your life with HYPNOSIS. Yes, you really can be a happier more fulfilled person. Hypnosis is a safe, calming and relaxing experience that aids in improving all areas of your life. Hypnosis works, let it work for you! Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Heal Emotional Issues and so much more.....

Active Life Health Clinic
410 - 2184 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2E1

If you are looking for a way to feel better using natural health practices, try Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Methods of treatment include acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbals, Chinese food cures, western nutrition and supplements. Dr.Melissa Carr is a Registered Dr. of TCM.

Advanced Cosmedic Clinics
103 - 805 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Angele L'Abbe - Sutton Group - West Coast Realty - Vancouver Realtor
301 - 1508 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1W8

1st Class Service Specializing in Vancouver West and Downtown.

Anza Travel Connections
210 - 1847 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1Y6
Toll Free: 1-800-667-4329

Arbetov Insurance and Wealth Management Inc. - Michael Arbetov, CFP, FMA
203 - 640 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1G4
Toll Free: 1-888-858-5568

Arbutus Counselling Services
200 - 1892 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6N 1J8

Feeling stuck? Having relationship problems? Depressed and anxious? I can help you quickly and effectively. 1/2 hr free consultation and sliding scale fees.

Arbutus Florist Ltd
2215 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

AromaOasis Healing Centre
3652 - West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6R 2B7

Aromaoasis Healing Centre provides a variety of holistic health services like Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, together with High-Quality Herbs and Dietary Supplements.

Barclay Capital Corp
722 - 601 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

BCAA Insurance
999 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Bikram Yoga Vancouver - Kitsilano
2681 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Located on West Broadway in this trendy and relaxed beach neighborhood, our flagship studio can accommodate up to 60 students per class. With 65 classes available every week there is always a time that suits you.

Broadway & Burrard Walk-in Clinic and Family Practice
1816 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Broadway Barbers Hair Design
3422 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Broadway Camera
102 - 1055 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Fax: 604-738-9800

Broadway Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre
100 - 1333 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6H 4C1
Fax: 604-876-6354

Broadway Dental Inc.
Suite 700 - 777 - West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4J7

Broadway Dental has been serving Vancouver for over 10 years and has built a great reputation with many professional patients in need of dental treatment over the years.

Broadway Jewellers Ltd
110 - 943 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Bronstein and Company
310 - 777 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.
V5Z 4J7

Bronstein and Company specializes in providing legal services to those individuals eligible for Residential School Claims. Bronstein and company is based in Vancouver,BC.

Cassells Insurance Ltd
454 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Chartwell Financial Inc.
680 - 1285 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3X8

City Studio - Semperviva Yoga
100 - 1985 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 4Y3

Semperviva believes yoga and its experiences are for Every Body! That's why we offer a life transforming yoga experience unparalleled by any other. With five unique yoga experience studio locations, and one retail location, 'The Lifestyle Store', there's enough flexibility to meet everyones' needs. Our offerings include six forms of yoga teachings: Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Power, Prenatal and Yin Yoga. Our expertise is founded on the excellence of over 40 exceptional leaders, who will guide you through each yoga session, improving and building on your internal strengths. Over 145 yoga classes each week really does offer something for Every Body!

Dr Sheu & Associates - Chiropractors
450 - 943 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4E1

Fairview Wellness Centre
- Complimentary underground parking
- New patients welcome
- No referral required

Dr.Robin Armstrong
2618 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2G3

Elan Beauty Inc - Vancouver Permanent Makeup
922 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1K7

Elan Beauty specialises in permanent and semi-permanent make-up (cosmetic tattoo), electrolysis, laser hair removal, eyelash extensions, contour body wrap, peels, microdermabrasion, facial, waxing, massage.

Facial & Lasor Surgery Centre
202 - 805 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Fairview Physiotherapy Clinic - Vancouver Physiotherapy
401 - 750 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1H3

Vancouver Physiotherapy

Fairview Plastic Surgery Centre Inc
480 - 999 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Foot Solutions
2620 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2G3

Masai Barefoot Technology Footwear (MBT), Orthopaedic Footwear, Running Shoes, Custom Orthotics

Freedom 55 Financial - John Panago
600 - 1508 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1W8

Full financial planning for individuals, families and businesses including investments, insurance, employee benefits, mortgages and lending tools.

Frontier Computer
105 - 1755 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Fax: 604-739-8061

Future Hair Training Centre
512 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1E9

Teaching the latest hairdressing trends in an ammonia free enviroment. Accepting applicants for full time,part time and evening courses.

Future Shop
1740 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Granville Optometry
718 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Gravity Computers Inc
123 - 1367 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6H 4A9

Full service IT support and programming. Specializing in Microsoft products and tools.

Great Canadian Casino Inc The
709 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Hager & Associates Inc.
306 - 1847 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1Y6

Hair Done by Gus
2429 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC

Hair To There Design
106 - 1245 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Hasson & Wong Asthetic Surgery
600 - 1001 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Head and Heart Counselling
203A - 2678 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2G3

Practising in the West Side and Kitsilano areas of Vancouver, Katherine is pleased to offer counselling to a wide range of clients. There is ample parking close by, and her office is easily reached by car and bus.

Hossack Newby Graham & Smith Real Estate Appraisers & Consultants Ltd.
410 - 1755 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Hoy & Associates
L1 - 601 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Image West Hair Design
2885 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Integral Financial Services Inc.
303 - 1055
West Broadway, BC
V6H 1E2

Integrative Spa - Vancouver Laser Hair Removal
730 - 1285 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6H 3X8

Achieve your new “inner health, outer radiance” with the latest in natural skin rejuvenation at Vancouver’s premier natural health clinic, Integrative Healing Arts.

International House - Department of Modern Languages
200 - 1215 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6H 1G7

Programs are designed with your needs in mind. All languages are taught with a communicative approach, designed to teach practical language that you will be able to use on your very first day abroad.

Iris Optometrists - Opticians
788 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Japanese Acupuncture & Shiatsu
412 - 1755 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C.
V6J 4S5

M.D.Shibata,R.Ac. from Japan, practices japanese Acupuncture, which has a 1400 year history. For more information (testimonials, references, biography, etc.)

John Ross Insurance Services Ltd
1829 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Fax: 604-731-6701
Toll Free: 1-800-565-2922

Johnston Meier Insurance Group
994 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Jordans Interiors
1470 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Julien Grenier Salon & Aestthetics
1062 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Hair Salon.

Just For Hair
102 - 820 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

3083 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

1635 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Home furnishings in Vancouver.

Lola's Bar
2291 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Just a short distance from downtown Vancouver, this Kitsilano beauty of a venue has just undergone some renovations that have transformed it into a fun place to socialize with friends and collegues.

The weekends are busy early offering great music and some of the best drink prices in Vancouer. Cover starts at 9:00 so make sure you show up early...

Markus J hair & Wellness
2567 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2E9

Markus J Hair & Well-Being is a salon team based in Kitsilano, Vancouver which consistently delivers outstanding artistic work. Main services include: Bridal Up-Dos, Cutting & Styling, Colour, Curls, Texture & Straightening and Salon Treatments.

Mayhew Sherwood Flowers Limited
3691 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Fax: 604-731-4976

Mercedes- Benz Canada Inc
1395 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Michael A. Cafferky
101 - 500 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Morrow Marsh & Co
210 - 2112 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Nature's Prime
728 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1G8

Nature's Prime has developed a solid reputation since 1995 of helping people with serious health issues, chronic concerns, cancer and cancer therapy related problems.

Office Depot
310 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Out of This World Photography
Box 74535 - 2768 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2G4

We sell beautiful and inspirational outdoor photographs online.

Out of This World Photography - listing 2
PO Box 74535 - 2768 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2G4

We are Vancouver, BC based. We provide photography services (e.g. weddings,events) and sell photographs of landscapes, wildlife, flowers and our travels in the form of prints, greeting cards, magnets, bookmarks and miniature easels online (some items are handmade).

Pacific Laser Eye Centre
1401 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Popeye's - Kitsilano Supplements
2295 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2E4

Kitsilano Supplements - Lowest Prices

Premier Security
402 - 1055 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Professional Mortgage Brokers
900 - 777 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4J7

Pure Performance Massage Therapy
210 - 2223 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

We can help you recover and perform better.

Through a combination of massage and stretching techniques our therapists can enhance the training and performance of athletes while treating or preventing injury.

Ray's Hair Studio
568 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Rita Mita Maid
567 - 916 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1K7

Specializing in Move Out Cleans. We get your damage deposits back! BC Film Industy's Choice of Cleaners now serving residential and commercial business in Vancouver.

Ron's Hairstyling
1441 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

2817 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2G6

Running Room Canada Inc
1578 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6J 5K9

Salon 612
612 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Serenity Therapeutic - Registered Massage Therapists
1203 - 750 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Registered Massage Therapists on West Broadway in Vancouver BC.

Sky Studio - Semperviva Yoga
2582 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Enter through Greens and Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant.

Space Salon
528 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Hair Salon in Vancouver BC.

St Tropez Tanning Studios
1938 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Su Winnie Dr
250 - 2184 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Family Practice & Maternity

Sun Studio - Semperviva Yoga
2608 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2G2

Enter through Semperviva Lifestyle Store on the corner of Broadway and Trafalgar.

Sunshine Hair Design
3675 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

The Studio at Treloar
#102 - 686 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Our Vancouver studio offers a variety of yoga and pilates classes:

Clinical Pilates
Pilates Mat Class
Core Stabilization Series
Gentle Yoga for Back Care
Group Exercise for Older Adults
Spiral Core Conditioning
Intro to Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Flow Yoga

The Vanity Room
375 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver hair salon on Broadway.

Tone Tanning
2782 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Turning Point Bodymind Wellness Inc.
203 - 1037 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C
V6H 1E3

We provide Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture service to help you relax, balance and re-energize in order to achieve optimal health.

Urban Wedding
254 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Y 1P5

Our professional and friendly photographers will capture your day in both traditional and less formal magazine style photos. Digitally capture your most precious moments.

Urbane Decor - Vancouver Real Estate Staging
810 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 4C1

Urbane Decor helps you prepare your property prior to putting it on the market.

Vancouver Acupuncture Directory
Vancouver, BC
Acupuncture Vancouver

Acupuncture clinics and practitioners in Vancouver.

Vancouver Breast Centre
505 - 750 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Massage Therapy

Vancouver's massage therapy directory.

Vancouver Restaurant Directory
Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Restaurants

Restaurants directory for downtown Vancouver and surrounding areas. Downtown, Yaletown, Coal Harbour, Gastown, West end, Kitsilano, Granville South and more..

Vancouver Spine Care Centre
102 - 1678 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Warren James M Dr
1413 - 750 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Family Physician

West Coast Native Arts
206 - 3280 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V6K 2H4

West Coast Native Arts is an online shop for authentic Canadian native art gits and products like t-shirts, mugs, natural body care products, postcards, stickers, blankets, baby items, toys etc.

Wolfe Judy S Dr
1338 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Wright Jamie M D Inc.
750 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Urology - Day or Night calls

Xtophers Hair Design
102 - 1926 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Y2K Hair Studio
106 - 223 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Yoga in Vancouver
Vancouver, BC
Yoga in Vancouver

Find Yoga Classes, Yoga Studios and Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver BC.

YYoga - South Granville
201 - 1627 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

We are excited to announce the opening of our 7th YYoga center located at West Broadway and Fir in Vancouver, one block west of Granville St and a few blocks from Kitsilano.

Flow, Power, Hatha, Anusara, Pilates, Core, Yin classes for all levels
An environmentally sustainable and innovative design
Bamboo floors and millwork
Full service amenities: showers, hair dryers, organic and toxin-free shower products
Mat & towel service
Infrared Sauna
Social area with complimentary tea
Eco-boutique featuring products from local and sustainable designers

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Arianny Celeste at the 2013 DTP Vancouver Auto Show which took place at the Vancouver Convention centre in downtown Vancouver. Click on the banner and see the DTP Vancouver Auto Show Video. Arianny Celeste image in downtown Vancouver

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Premium Domain Names for Downtown Vancouver and Vancouver area businesses. Every Internet search starts in your head not a search engine. Start using a strong keyword/geo domain name that new customers search for everyday. Payment arrangements available. Call 604-842-9810 Now!

Jeri Lee at Importfest in VancouverCheck out the Vancouver Importfest Auto Show Video featuring Jeri Lee, Mila G, Nikita Esco, Maii Cyn, Vendella and Maya at the downtown Vancouver Youtube channel.